Is diversification worthwhile?

I am talking about diversification in business here, and from the perspective of a sole trader. I believe diversification as a whole, be it with race, religion, gender, is always a good idea, how can taking ideas and input from a greater field of experience not lead to better decisions and innovative ideas? This comesContinue reading “Is diversification worthwhile?”

The Role Of The Volunteer Vaccinator

As I have been asked about the vaccinator role, I thought I would write a blog about it, about my journey along the volunteer route and where it is heading. I was introduced to St Johns Ambulance at the age of 11 when I joined a local group as a cadet. After 7 years, earningContinue reading “The Role Of The Volunteer Vaccinator”

Tech rules – even in accountancy

It is not long since most accountancy was done on wide sheets of analysis paper and a calculator, a small step up from the abacus. But technology is here and there is no getting away from it as HMRC embraces technological changes and the use of it becomes a legal requirement. At first, it seemedContinue reading “Tech rules – even in accountancy”

How can QuickBooks help your small business?

Quickbooks is an accounting software package designed to make keeping your records straight easier, integration with your accountant a breeze and is fully compliant with Making Tax Digital. At ABC, we can help you to sign up, train to use and help manage your Quickbooks, once you get used to the system, it does makeContinue reading “How can QuickBooks help your small business?”